Governor Kon Manyiel sacks Turalei county commissioner

June 9, 2017 | News
Majang Ayuel

By Marko Makat

Turalei (TPM) – The commissioner of Turalei County Majang Ayuel Nyuol has been sacked on Thursday by a gubernatorial order issued by the governor of Twic Kon Manyiel Kuol.

The order was read on Thursday evening on Mayardit 90.7 FM radio station. In a separate gubernatorial order read on same radio Kuol named Santino Amuol Majok as the new commissioner of Turalei County.

No reasons were given as to why Majang Anyuel was removed. Although, there were no reasons given the public have been calling on the governor to reshuffle the current state cabinet and the county commissioners and form his new cabinet. The current Twic state cabinet was formed by the former governor of Twic State Bona Panek Biar before he was replaced by Kuol early this year.

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