Profile: Santino Makuer Ayuel Madut, MP Twic State Legislative Assembly

July 2, 2017 | People
Santino Makuer Ayuel Madut

Santino Makuer Ayuel Madut was born on 1/1/1978 in a small village called Mangol Apuk in former Gogrial District. His parents were originally from Twic State who had shifted to Mangol Apuk during the war of Anyanya One. His father and mother were farmers and cattle keepers. Ayuel’s father passed away in 1986 and mother is alive. They are six children in the family but a girl who was the first born and the only one passed away in 2000 and five boys are alive.

He’s married to Mary Ayuot Deng Yaak and blessed with two boys and three girls. Ayuel started his primary school in Mangol Apuk in 1981-9182 that was class one and two in Arabic Language. Later Ayuel left to Ethiopia in 1984 to join SPLM/A where he was trained as a red army soldier in 1984 while, he was in Ethiopia he joined primary one and two in English Language before he returned to Sudan in 1991.

Thereafter, he didn’t continue with his studies because he was engaged in front line until 1993.

Ayuel joined school again in 1993 in Ashwa primary school that was primary three and left to Uganda for treatment on May 1994 and later he had chance to join studies in the same year  until 1997 where he completed primary Leaving Examination [PLE].

In 1998-2001 Ayuel joined Monsignor Bala Secondary School where he completed senior four and proceeded to senior five and six in the same school from 2002 -2003.

After senior six, he returned to Sudan and started working with GOAL Sudan as a Consultant/ Diagnostician and because of his hard work he was recommended and sent to Yei Medical Training School and awarded with Nursing Diploma that was from 2004 – 2007 After Ayuel was awarded with Diploma in Nursing, he got employed in Aweng Primary Health Care Centre as a Head of Clinic, Senior Nursing Officer and Diagnostician from May 2007- Feb 2009 by GOAL Southern Sudan Program. However, Santino Makuer resigned as a Head of Clinic and Senior Nursing Officer and got employed with the government as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer until 2016 when he was appointed as a Member of Parliament in Twic State Legislative Assembly by the President of the Republic of South Sudan on 19th February 2016. Hon. Santino Makuer attended a number of trainings in medical fields within and out the country.

He’s popularly known for his medical services across Twic and former Warrap State as a whole.

Hon Santino Makuer Ayuel is currently an active SPLA soldier with the rank of captain. Ayuel was known of his braveness in SPLA duties during the time of war between SPLA and the Sudan armed forces.

Hon. Santino Makuer is currently studying at African Medical and Research Foundation where he is pursuing a Higher Diploma in Community Health.

With his popularity and hard work in the community, Hon. Santino Makuer  Ayuel would be a leader in future. Hon. Santino Makuer can be reached/contacted on /

By Marko Makat

Twic State Freelance journalist.