Cattle raiders steal 20 cows in Aweng County

July 17, 2017 | News
Aweng cattle raid

A group of suspected cattle raiders from Northern Liech State has on Wednesday last week attacked Madiar village in Aweng County and raided 20 cows.

The raiders came at night and got the cattle owner sleeping and took 20 cows while the owner was still sleeping.

There were no causalities reported and no one was hurt but the cows were not recovered. However, four cows managed to escape and returned back home.

Aweng county commissioner Longar Ayuel Abuoch urged the cattle owners to take care of their animals.

“I’m urging the cattle owners not to sleep far away from their animals because sometimes criminals do comes at night,” Commissioner Longar Abuoch said.

This is not the first time for such incidents to occur in Aweng County. Aweng is one of the counties in Twic state that bordering former Unity State and has been experiencing such incidents of cattle theft and killing of the people by the criminals who raid cows.