Thief steals three computers in Twic health office

September 19, 2017 | News

A gang of thieves breaks into County Health Department (CHD), on Sunday night in Turalei County, Twic State South Sudan and went away with three database laptop computers.

The three laptop computers are installed with health database system use for reporting monthly activities reports. They officials in the health department condemned the incident in strongest terms possible.

They health officials are calling on the general public to help them in searching to report the information in finding the stolen computers. No suspects have been link to the theft.

County Health Director Dr. Ayuon Majak say the incident has made their work difficult since on Monday. “They thieves came on Sunday night and opened the office with what they know and take all the three database laptop computers” Dr. Majak explained.

“The harm would not be on our side but on the side of the civilians who are serve through these electronics machines”. Dr. Majak said. “It would be a great lost if these computers with systems are not recover”. He added. This is the first of its kind for the thieves to break into offfice.